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HP 10-2000 High Power Galvo Scanner

Release time:2023-12-20 13:27  

    HP10-2000 high power galvanometer scanners have the good running stabilitystrong anti-interference ability and it can be applied to continuous fiber lasers within 2000W. According to the divergence angle parameters of the laser, the corresponding QBH beam expanding collimator lens assembly and quartz field lens can be configured. The parallel beam spot after beam expansion should be 10mm, and the field lens needs to choose a quartz field lens with an incident spot of 10mm.

The specific characteristics of the galvanometer are as follows:

■ It adopts photoelectric sensors imported from the United States and has independent intellectual property rights.

■ Differential photoelectric sensor accurately detects the position of the motor rotor, with good linearity, small drift, high resolution and repeat positioning accuracy.

■ Accurate load design for 10mm lens, high precision motor assembly, reasonable structure, small static friction coefficient and small zero offset, to ensure the best dynamic characteristics of the system.

■ The driver has a position and speed advanced detection function, which greatly improves the dynamic response performance and scanning speed of the entire system.

■ It is designed with overload, over current and reverse connection protection to make the system operation more reliable.

■ The whole system adopts electromagnetic compatibility optimization design, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.

■ Water cooling structure is adopted to effectively control the working temperature of the galvanometer.

HP10-2000 Operation Guide

1. Before starting up, make sure that the water circuit is connected correctly and the water circulation is normal before starting up, otherwise it may damage the galvanometer.

2. Before starting up, please carefully check whether the wiring sequence of the external connection wires of the galvanometer is correct, otherwise it will affect the normal operation or damage of the galvanometer.

3. The two motors and the two sockets on the drive board must be connected according to the matching serial number and cannot be interchanged, otherwise self-excited phenomenon will occur.

4. Ensure the accuracy of the laser optical path output, otherwise it will affect the marking accuracy, and in severe cases, there may be marking displacement, uneven laser power, and other phenomena.

5. Do not adjust the hardware configuration such as the board potentiometer without authorization, and do not disassemble the scanning galvanometer component without authorization.

HP10-2000 Technical Parameters

Precision and Error

Step Response Time(1% of full scale)


Step Response Time(10% of full scale)


Tracking Error Time






Gain Error


Zero Offset


Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours


Scale Drift


Zero Drift


Laser Matching

Maximum CW Fiber Laser Power


Reflection Wavelength of Lens

1064~1080nm (High power coating)

Water cooling control

Water Temperature


Maximum Water Pressure




Water Pipe Specifications

Outer Diameter Φ6mm

Inner Diameter Φ4mm

Power and Signal

Input Voltage


Rated Current


Interface Signal


Mechanical Scan Angle


Working Current, Temperature, Dimension

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature




Beam Displacement


Galvanometer Scanner Dimension (LxWxH)



Galvanometer Scanner Weight