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MSG6210 Laser Medical Fractional Control

Release time:2021-05-19 17:09  

This control board is designed and developed in accordance with the main board standard of industrial computer for the dot matrix laser control system. Equipped with comprehensive isolation measures, it has good electromagnetic compatibility and strong anti-interference ability, and combines with the international more advanced galvanometer technology and driving control mode.

The advantages are as following:

● Square, circle, triangle, hexagon, straight line and other optional graphics, the dimensions of X-axis and Y-axis in the plane are independently adjustable.
● Friendly interface, multi-language support, parameter memory function.
● Accurate scan size, lattice density, energy control.
● Laser power calibration, indicating light calibration and brightness adjustment functions.
● There are a variety of protection modes preset to ensure the safety and reliability of the laser system.
● With fault self-check function, reliable fault signal output can fully ensure the scanner's high security.
● Control board card interface is complete, support RS232, 485 communication, with multi-channel protection signal input interface.
● Standardized line interface, easy to realize the docking with the control system, can also provide customers with a supporting control system.
● Integrated lattice, hyperpulse two modes, modular design, strong compatibility.