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CSG9210 Marking Control Board Card

Release time:2021-05-19 17:03  

CSG9210 marking control card is an application software specially designed for laser marking. It USES USB interface to connect with PC, integrates powerful graphics editing and various marking functions into one, and can meet the requirements of various high-precision and high-speed laser processing.

The advantages are as following:

 It’s connecting via USB interface, with strong anti-interference.

 It adopted more excellent operation chip, with faster speed to control system.

 Assist axis can support 4 axis stepper motor and serve motor, with hardware degree left and right limited point and origin detection function.

 Single control board can synchronously control 5 sets of galvo scanners.

 Support PWM control.

 It’s designed with protection for power overload, overcurrent and reverse polarity protection, the system running is more reliable.

Mechanical Dimension

PCB size


Positioning hole size


Mounting Hole Dia