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JS1550 Galvo Head

Release time:2021-05-20 11:33  

JS1550  Galvo Scanner Head is a high-end galvanometer used in 1550nm laser.

The advantages are as following:

■ The scanner is small in size, light in weight, and ergonomically designed handheld laser system;

 Equipped with high-performance micro-scanning motor, using imported optical sensor, fast scanning speed and high stability;

 The software has a fault self-checking function and reliable fault signal output, which can fully guarantee the safety of the scanner;

 The software operation interface is simple, with parameter memory function, preset multiple treatment modes, and convenient operation;

 A variety of graphics such as square, circle, triangle, six sides can be selected and the size can be adjusted to achieve precise scanning;

 The automatic contour extraction function of image shooting is adopted, and the hand-painting function is used for adjustment to perform more precise treatment operations on the lesion area;

 The software can accurately set the point spacing, dwell time, and interval time, so as to effectively control the energy, and the laser power and indicator brightness can be calibrated;

 The standardized interface of the software board is easy to realize the docking with other control systems, and it can also customize a dedicated control system for customers.

JS1550 Technical Parameters

Motor Specification

Operating   temperature




Small step   response time


Proportional   drift


Zero drift

<15 Rad./

Long drift   (continuous work for 8 hours)


Rated current


Maximum   scanning Angle


Storage   temperature

-10 to +60


12 Rad.

Repeat   accuracy

8 Rad.

Input aperture


Beam   displacement



13 g

 Servo Driver Board Specification

Input Voltage


Interface Signals(Analog)


Fault signal output(TTL   level)

H for galvo working normally

L for galvo working failure

Analog Signal Input   Resistance


Working Temperature