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Offline Control System for Laser Marking

Release time:2019-08-26 14:56  
Any laser marking machine must be work with marking control board, which is the laser control system. It is the soul of a laser marking machine. The laser marking machine is to realize the coordinated communication of various different parts and coordinate the action by the marking control board. Metaphorically Speaking,laser marking control board and its marking software is the brain of a laser marking machine.
As the market continues to change, the laser marking machine will be upgraded, replaced by a new model with beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, strong function and high stability. The laser marking machine has gradually changed from industrial to civilian development, gradually changing from the original large volume to a small volume, from singleness to multi-functionality. There are many kinds of laser control cards, such as ISA, PCI, parallel port, serial port, USB and other control methods. Each control method is for laser marking machine laser. In industrial control, each laser needs to be configured. A computer is used to control the control card to make the laser work normally, and each control card must rely on the computer to work, which brings certain difficulties to enter the civilian use.
Sino-Galvo Tech.’s offline laser marking control system is completely out of the control of the computer, and only needs to store the generated data in advance into the control board.  It is then marking by an external trigger (button), serial port or network communication. 

Sino-Galvo’s offline laser marking system that is researched and developed independently outshines traditional laser control systems as the following:

★ High stability and low failure rate

★ High stability and low failure rate

★ USB import file, no need to connect to the computer, no virus infection

★ Large storage space (4GB SSD space), fast hard disk

★ Low power consumption, low noise, small size and more convenient to carry, and easy to operate via touch screen