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Application of Galvo Scanner in Laser Cleaning

Release time:2018-04-17 10:01  

There are various methods of stereotypes in cleaning industry, mainly including chemical and mechanical agents. With domestic environmental-protection regulations as well as people’s awareness of safety and environmental-protection enhanced in recent years, fewer chemicals can be applied in industrial cleaning as ever before. It has turned into an urgent problem that clean and harmless alternatives must be found. Non-contact to objectives, no grinding or heat effect, laser cleaning has been designated as the most effective and efficient solution compatible for all materials.

Laser cleaning from Sino-Galvo Technology is a brand new high-tech product that is conveniently fixed and operated to fast clean surfaces of objects in any shapes. It features the advantages of manually adjusted focal point and decent cleaning effect. High efficient as it is, laser cleaning is widely applied in industries like shipping industry, automobile components, rubber molds, top-class machine tools, tire molds, railway tracks and environment protection for rust, oil stain, coating, cladding, oil paint and resin removal on surfaces as well as cultural relics restoration.

Our company’s laser cleaning system that is researched and developed independently outshines traditional cleaning systems as the following

★ Professional laser cleaning control system, with clear and pithy interface, convenient operation. Customers can set or adjust the parameters to realize the high performance control of laser and galvo scanner according to application.
★ Self-developed screw type cleaning mode, customers can set screw series, scanning length and scanning width, avoid traditional cleaning “zebra crossing” and ensure clean uniformly, not damage base material.
★ Professional laser cleaning optical design, with high damage threshold reflecting mirror, high transmission rate and large focal depth f-theta lens. It is suitable for high power laser cleaning long time operation.
★ High performance laser galvo scanner with high speed and precision, combine professional software control system, this can meet all kinds of laser cleaning application demands.
★ The scanner hand-piece design is very simple and convenient, suitable for ergonomic and easy to operate.
★ This galvo scanner can match different kinds of laser source, deeply improve laser cleaning system application.