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Adjust the market layout flexibly, scientifically manage the epidemic

Release time:2020-05-26 15:12  

In the beginning of 2020, in the face of the violent new epidemic situation, our company actively responded to the national call, scientifically formulated anti-epidemic measures, rationally analyzed the market trend, and flexibly adjusted the industrial layout, not only became the first batch of Dingmao enterprises to resume work, but also reduced the impact of the epidemic to the lowest.

As a benchmark enterprise in the domestic laser market, with its excellent performance in the epidemic, May 18th, general manager Chen Lei was interviewed by Zhenjiang Network Radio and TV Station "Into the New District" program group as a representative. At the beginning of the epidemic situation, our company has arranged in advance. In terms of prevention and control and education, we strictly disinfect and clean every corner in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention. At the same time, we will increase publicity and let every employee do personal protection, peace of mind and peace of mind working life. In terms of market and production, in response to the strong overseas demand, the company immediately put into production to meet foreign trade orders after resuming work. And after the domestic epidemic situation improves, quickly realize the seamless connection of foreign trade to domestic trade, relying on its own complete product categories, so that the production of enterprises has always been in a normal state. It is expected that enterprise sales in the first half of this year can reach 60 million yuan. At the same time, our company has also invested heavily in the development of next-generation products-digital signal and laser scanning technology, which has higher consistency, stability, and self-healing capabilities, and can be extended to high-end fields such as aerospace.

The journey is full of wind and force, and the heavy duty is important before leaving! The "epidemic" war is not over, our company will continue to calmly and calmly respond, rational planning of science and technology, deep cultivation of technological innovation, to provide customers with more cost-effective products and services!