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Sino-Galvo Team Building

Release time:2019-07-17 10:58  

Boring games is always same, and how to organize an interesting Team-building activity? In order to help new and old employees to know each other,Sino-Galvo Group organized this team-building activities in Yangzhou Tianle Lake Park.

We totally have more than 200 employees, so we divided them into two big groups. We temporarily put down our busy work, and being surrounded by nature, enjoyed the time with each other.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, we arrived at the destination, and followed the coach through the lush forest, went along the picturesque Tianle Lake, to the venue of this training.

Hello, My Friends
On the wide lawn, everyone hands in hands and made a circle. We kept running and chasing each other, providing a "friendly" massage service to others. Everyone’s laughter was intertwined,and this is the correct way to open the ice-breaking game!
Smurfs Team, Hornets Team, Golden Armor Team... Are you surprised for those team’s name? Aha…

Who is the NO.1?

Who is NO.1? Come and challenge! How to move golf ASAP? How to stand firm ASAP? How to jump through hoops ASP? Passionate beats... Everyone knows the importance of team’s target, and if you want to be the NO.1 then you team must hold together and act well in every detail. One group of people, one thing, one heart, together to build the soul of the team!

60 Seconds!

Buddha style? Just kidding, it doesn't exist! Look at the posture of every guy who is ready to start running. Who can quickly recognize 30 cards which represents 1~30 digits and submit them to the coach in order?

In order to be the No.1, every team tried their best to rack their brains. You can see,in daily work, it is also very important to think about problems with a collective consciousness and find the right way!

Dragon-boat Racing

Dragon-boat Racing is a Chinese folk traditional water sports entertainment, which has been around for two thousand years. It can help test the teamwork ability, every team member must carry out their duties and cooperate with your team members. The same is true for our daily office works. One team, one direction, and strive to mover forward together, then you will stand out.

The Power of Breathing

How powerful is the power of breathing? Let’s see! Who can win the championship of this game with a limited amount of materials to build a ventilator? 

Da Vinci Code

Each team has a deck of playing cards. The playing cards consist of two colors of 1, 2, 3, ..., J, Q, and K, totally 26 cards. Each team’s members keep opening the card one by one until the cards appearing from 1,2,3…Q,and K in order, then you can turn over it and keep its face up. What if the coming card does not match, then you need to turn it back and repeat. The team members have wide open minds, offer suggestions, and show their magic!
This is a double test of intelligence and strength!

Team’s Glory

Through those Team-building activities, it not only helps us to release work pressure, but also can increase the trust and tacit understanding amount members. Next, let us witness the glory of the team!

Bonfire Party

Get rid of the tiredness of work and exhaustion of life, let’s enjoy the Bonfire Party in the fiery music. Come on…
By the end of the party, let’s give our best wishes to today’s Birthday Members to take advantage of this beautiful scenery. They all made sweet wishes, and have an unforgettable birthday. Thank you for being there.

The Second Day

After such wonderful and interesting team-building activities, what will you do in the second day? Of course, it should be keep playing! Speed drift, Live CS, Jungle adventure, Grass skiing... many projects you can choose, everyone played very happy!

We come from all corners of the country, and we have gathered together in Sino-Galvo Family to spend such wonderful 2019 mid-summe together. We are the best teammates in the game and the most reliable co-worker at work. One strand of silk doesn't make a thread,one tree doesn't make a forest. In the future, we will overcome difficulties and make progress together. We will meet the new day with a more united and harmonious appearance, and work together to write the brilliant future of Sino-Galvo Group!