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2016 Sino-GalvoAnnual Meeting

Release time:2017-01-27 19:36  

Enthusiastic mood and festal songs start New Happy Year.Blink of an eye about the year of 2016 has already passed , full of looking forward to coming to us in 2017- A New Year, new target and hope. On January 14, 2017, Our Sino Galvo company 2016 year-end summary meeting to be held in Beijing four rural hotel- "Rockefeller hall", the company leadership, each department staff, sales representative took part in the whole activity in laughter.
In the afternoon, our Sino Galvo Technology company as always mentioned the policy "to the quality strives for the development, to the management for benefit", in addition strengthened the product technology research and development power. With the industry competitive environment, the company's business remained steady development and has achieved good sales performance. During the meeting, the chairman of the board and directors of the company- Mr. Zhou formulated the more long-term strategic planning in 2017, put forward the strategic objectives "Great migration, Great Reform, Great Development". Each office manager and the company each department representative made a statement  freely, for the development of the company made a good outlook for next year. Company leaders read out "a 2016 annual excellent employee recognition list", excellent staff holding a red honorary certificate, with a full face of smile and a sense of achievement, a year of hard work and efforts to pay for today's achievement. In the future, they will be more hard, climb step by step.
During the Dinner, the company leadership and staff interacted as a family, they were toasted and laughter. Dinner activity with all sorts of interesting little game and exciting sweepstakes link, the dinner atmosphere on hot boiling. With exciting awards went to people, the party was end in a state of a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.
New Year opened new hope, new journey bearing new dream, time forward in the slowly footsteps. In the New Year, people in Sino Galvo company will be led by our wise leadership , with full mental state, fine style of work and the highly effective execution to create new brilliant! 

Picture 1: Sino-Galvo of Beijing Company's Group Photo in Annual Meeting

Picture 2 : Happy scenes in annual meeting

Picture 3: Sino-Galvo of Zhenjiang Company's Group Photo in Annual Meeting