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2016 Hiking on Qizanggou – The Eagle team

Release time:2016-09-20 16:08  

As a tour pal, if you do not come to Qizanggou, the mountain will regret for you; As a photographer, if you do not come to Qizanggou, God will regret for you.

                                                                                                                        - An anonymous tourist from internet

When walking on the plateau, just like walking in a dream. In the four-day journey, we hiked across the valley.The slope of the mountain which on both sides of the valley is up to almost 70-degree,and the altitude is over 4000 meters.Bearing the extreme weather and muddy bridleways, we experienced shortness of breath,felt the beat of our heart,and trudged 8 hours everyday with altitude sickness. On the way of the journey, when we thought we had already succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain, the higher one was still standing there. We had to raised our legs again, controlled breathing, and kept moving on.

During the hiking, Though we had the exhausted body, this trip is also a fantastic feeling. With accompany of a group of colleagues familiar with each other, we felt like brothers and sisters with this perfect mountain climbing. Every day, we hiked from dawn to dusk. In the evening, we looked up the stars, around the campfire, laughing, singing and dancing, enjoyed ourselves.
When the journey finished successfully, everyone was still completely immersed in it.I realized the meaning of hiking,organized by leader Zhou every year: life is like a journey, and everyone’s experience is different.Sometimes, we may feel confused about where to go and disappointed about the failure.Sometimes,we feel glad about the future we see and we will cheer for our new beginning.

From this activity,we not only enjoy our beloved country that lead Zhou guided us, but also open up our vision, purify the mind, comprehend the life. We also realized in the future we should united with each other, unity of thought,and enhanced the cohesion of our team.

Picture 1: The eagle team toke a group photo before setting up

Picture 2: The eagle team had to battle against great difficulties. 

Picture 3:The eagle team enjoyed themselves on the plateau

Picture 4:The eagle team toke a group picture after the four-day journey