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Laser World of Photonics China in 2016

Release time:2016-03-20 14:33  

Mar 17th, 2016 witnessed the successful completion of 11th Laser World of Photonics China in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Sino-Galvo Technology was invited for the Exhibition and brought many new products which can lead the tendency of the galvanometer. The unparalleled exhibition, with 4 pavilions covering 42,000 square meters, attracted 830 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, tens of thousands of professional audiences from all of the world, which not only provides trustworthy evidence of the development in Laser, Optics and Optoelectronic, but showed tremendous upside potential of the industry.  

Discerning the present situation of domestic galvanometer market, Sino-Galvo seized the opportunity and took the professional platform to show the leading technologies and products to global galvanometer industry. During the exhibition, Sino-Galvo fed its newfound momentum with a deluge of subsequent products, such as dynamic focusing ranging from marking on bigger plat area and irregular plane to working with the rotary. The diversified function and easy operation, catching keen interest and serious concern of the exhibitors and audiences, become the center of exhibition.

To Sino-Galvo, providing customers optimal cost-effective products and services is the carrier of brand image. During the three day’s exhibition, Sino-Galvo exhibited thoroughly the characteristics and advantages with staff wonderful explanation and professional operation and attracts numerous exhibitions and audiences. Being raging like a storm in laser industry, treasuring the present market is to win the future.

Relying on professional exhibition, realizing the upgrading of enterprise. Sino-Galvo will be more mature and professional to provide the best quality products and efficient service for the galvanometer business and promote development and prosperity of national brand in galvanometer industry.